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Grace through Change

My Brother's Keeper offers a place of refuge and recovery to Women who are troubled and facing problems too difficult to resolve without help. 
Our program requires a one year commitment to recover frombroken lifestyles, and to break free from addiction to Drugs, Tobacco & alcohol.
If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, deleterious lifestyles, and are ready to take the first step towards a new life contact us today!

Must be willing to make a one year commitment to the ministry. 
Our Discipleship Ministry is an in-patient residential ministry. 
Residents are not allowed to work during their one year stay. 
While in the homes, residents participate in daily Chapel services, prayer, Bible studies and various work activities designed to motivate and build character. All services are free. We do however ask family members to contribute if possible. 

Must be 18+

No Smoking/Vaping/ Nicotine or Tobbacco Products Allowed

​No Medicinal Marjuanna

​We do not substitute one drug for another

*Please call our office to discuss any prescription medication*

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